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We are probably all familiar by now with pictures of far away, tropical beaches covered in trash, like the one below.  We probably assume these beaches get that way because nearby countries are not controlling where their trash gets dumped.  Or we assume that the photographer...

One of the last activities of a KidsMakeItRight project is reaching out to other "difference makers."  We think about people who could be influential in helping us address a problem we noticed during our sessions.  In our Planet Protector Project at Starr Garden, the kids drafted a letter to Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, making him aware of the lack of recycling bins in Starr Garden Park and asking for his help in solving that problem (see the letter here).  A couple of weeks later he has responded! Below is his response, including links to what Philadelphia is doing to clean up and how Philadelphians can get involved!  And don't forget about our KidsMakeItRight poster gallery; use them to spread the message around your community! Thanks Mayor Kenney for your response and for caring about keeping our corner of the planet clean!

Generocity recently featured a story about our KidsMakeItRight program. (Retrieved from ---- Local edtech startup SmartyPal was created with a framework that focused on six C’s: communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, confidence and content. It’s a model that has certainly proved effective for the National Science Foundation-lauded company, cofounded by Prasanna Krishnan back in... Philly featured the newest members of our awesome team in an article about "power moves" in the Philly tech scene. ---- "Last November, SmartyPal hired exec Keith Gornish as CEO and made him a cofounder. Gornish, who was previously working on Marc Siry’s strategic development team at Comcast, came aboard to...