SmartyPal | Kids Making an Impact in Stores and Offices Around Them
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Kids Making an Impact in Stores and Offices Around Them

Kids Making an Impact in Stores and Offices Around Them

Our Planet Protectors are taking action to spread awareness around the city in stores like Acme, office buildings, city parks, and schools.  We wanted to quickly share a story about one our Planet Protectors.

After a recent class a KidsMakeItRight parent, Cari, told us how her daughter Lexi was so excited to make a difference that she asked to go to the Acme near her house to hang a draft poster she had made in class.  They went out with the poster, Lexi talked to the manager, and convinced them to hang it up!   I call it a “draft poster” because one of the things we do at KidsMakeItRight is to teach children about iteration.  We try to get them to generate ideas, make continuous improvements on them as they work toward better solutions, and to really think about how to create messages that will convince others.  This approach really helps foster critical thinking, creative innovation, and communication skills.  The poster she hung was one of her brainstorming versions, but we love her initiative in taking her message to the world!  A lot of times the best way to learn is to try things out!

We get jazzed every time we hear of our children feeling empowered enough to go out and make a difference, so if you have a story like this, please share!

Thanks, Cari, for getting us a picture of the poster in action!



Inspired by her initiative, we also wanted to get in on the action!  So we talked to the managers at Benjamin’s Desk, our office co-working space, about hanging some posters around our office.  They were happy to oblige and now our Planet Protectors are making a difference in yet another place!



Does this inspire you to also get in on the action?  Check out our poster gallery and hang a few of your favorites around your office or find some places in your neighborhood to hang posters with your child.


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