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KidsMakeItRight is Finding Ways to Reuse Our Trash

KidsMakeItRight is Finding Ways to Reuse Our Trash

Part of the Planet Protector Project is not only teaching children about the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle), but actually finding ways to do them!  We started with the first 2 R’s: Reduce & Reuse. This past week at McCall and Starr Garden we found some ways to Reuse things that would otherwise go in the trash.

We made things like decorative pencil boxes out of old lunch boxes, reusable cloth napkins from old cloth, and toys like a confetti canon from packing material, a glass jar, and chip bags!

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Prasanna & Brian also talked about visiting with our friend Billy and seeing the art projects they create at Recycled Artist in Residency (RAIR), an art program housed at the Revolution Recovery recycling operation.  Both Revolution Recovery and RAIR are doing some great things to keep trash out of landfills!   RAIR reuses construction waste to create cool art projects.  We got a tour of “the yard” and got some neat pictures of all the action.  We are hoping our Planet Protectors can do some fun projects with Billy and the rest of the RAIR crew in the future!



Another thing we did this week was get everyone involved in starting terrariums at each location, reusing old pickle jars.  A closed terrarium is a microcosm of the Earth, because just like the Earth it has a fixed amount of space, water and air.  Nothing gets in or out except for sunlight.  The space and resources that we have on Earth are all that we are likely to have for a very long time! So we taught children that we need to be careful how we use them and think about the things we clutter it with.  It also gives us an opportunity to see biodegradable things breaking down and plastic staying the way it is over the course of the class.



One of our Planet Protectors was so inspired they created a 3 R’s poster at home and brought it in for us!  Great job Ava!



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