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Empowering kids to change their world.


We turn out-of-school time into enriching community service and project learning experiences that build compassion and teamwork while making a real impact.


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We work together on projects to foster collaboration and teamwork
We collect litter, tally what we find, and use data to guide our solutions to trash problems
We design messages, think about where they will be effective, and work to spread them!
We play group games to bring topics to life, like playing as a fish trying to eat plankton and avoid plastic
We present to class and negotiate with adults to practice communication and build confidence
We discover that making a t-shirt takes 700 gallons of water and reuse cloth to replace paper towels
We build a terrarium to learn about biodegradation and experience plastic lasting forever
We think of difference makers and ask for their help, learning to write and using technology for good
We sift beach sand to understand microplastics, their threat, and how they spread across the Earth
We reduce trash by turning it into piggy banks and encourage saving to help people or animals
Planet Protectors love to see their hard work making a difference in their schools and neighborhoods
We practice reducing and reusing by turning old t-shirts into shopping bags
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“I like KidsMakeItRight. It teaches me about how to take care of our planet. Pollution is not the solution. Animals and fish get sick by eating trash and die! KidsMakeItRight is really fun… I learned that I can make a difference.”

–Planet Protector Ava–


“I love how KidsMakeItRight helped Ava feel empowered in her ability to make a positive change in the world. She is more aware of… how her actions could affect the world around her. It has opened her eyes and her heart…”

–Lauren, Ava’s Mom–

Curriculum by our on-staff Learning Scientist

Brian Verdine, Ph.D.

“Out-of-school programs need to do what schools often don’t. They need to encourage exploration, fun, and, sometimes, failure. They need to create a sense of purpose and connection with others…”

“…focused on offering… not only the knowledge to become aware of the issues out there but also the skills necessary to start tackling them.”


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